Repairs come in all shapes and sizes and usually with challenges such as matching the glass or filling in the missing design.

Ian will always go to your premises to inspect the damage to see if it can be repaired without having to take out the panel. This is obviously much more convenient and cost-effective and unless the lead is badly damaged , most repairs can be done “in-situ”.  The key issue is trying to match the glass broken as panels are usually very old and much of the glass has been discontinued. Fortunately Vintage Glass Studio have acquired a lot of old glass over the years so it is a very rare instance when they have difficulty in matching the broken glass.  Depending on the workload, repairs can be done fairly quickly – usually within a week unless it is an emergency and they can provide temporary cover the same day and work on the panel in their Timperley studio.

Their normal hours of operating are between 8.30am and 6pm – Monday to Saturday but they are prepared to provide emergency cover in the event of a break-in, for instance.

Their emergency telephone number is 07967 020204 and covers the hours of 6pm to midnight on any evening and from 8.30am to 6pm on a Sunday.

A good example of a repair is the work Ian did at Victoria Baths in Manchester on this particular door with damage to existing panels and some panels completely missing.


The broken panels had to be removed to be repaired but a design had to be created for the missing panels and then they had to be made to fitted matching glass had to be found. The final result is shown in the next photo.





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